Buying, Upgrading and Servicing


If you are a first time buyer or considering a new machine, shopping for a new PC can be a daunting experience. We can help by providing impartial advice regarding buying a computer that meets your needs. One of our staff will work with you to understand your exact requirements and suggest a system that would best suit you. Once you have purchased a computer, either via us or on your own, we can be there to:


Set it and any peripherals up;

Transfer your old data (documents, photos, music, videos, email, contacts, etc.) from an old machine if you have one, to the new;

Help with removal of any unwanted free or trial software installed by the manufacturer of the new machine;

Install any new or already owned software (subject to compatibility) onto the new machine;

Install and configure anti-virus software, if required;

Recommend, install and configure a full back-up solution.


If you want to upgrade your existing system we can provide advice for that as well. We can advise on what hardware components can be changed and what software can be upgraded to help improve your existing experience.

We can also offer advice on making the most of your existing system without any upgrading. We can help with software ‘tuning’ to ensure you’re getting the best your computer can provide.

Regardless of whether your system is new or existing, we can also provide help and advice for the installation of software, including anti-virus and back-up solutions.