Great Dunmow Carnival

Carnival Show Stand

We wanted to thank everyone who visited our stand at the Great Dunmow Carnival this year. Despite the inclement weather lots of people popped in, both existing clients and new customers who had questions to ask. There was lots of interest in our small exhibition of legacy computer components that showed how computing, and in particular home computing, has changed over the last 30 years.

One item that drew a lot of attention was our recently refurbished BBC Model B Microcomputer, arguably the start of mainstream home computing in the U.K. The differences in reaction to the BBC Micro were very wide, from adults who remembered owning one themselves or simply using one at school, to shock and surprise from children and teenagers who were amazed to think that this piece of equipment was once the pinnacle of home computing.

Based on the reaction and feedback that we received we are planning further events, and will strive to increase the size of the exhibition to see what other surprises we can find from computing history.