Core Services


Our core business is to keep your Computer Devices running smoothly.  Whether you have a Desktop PC, a Laptop PC, a Tablet Device or in some cases a Smartphone we can help.  We offer a wide range of services from preventative measures to fault resolution, either at your home, at our office or by remote connection for simpler issues.  The following list gives an idea of some of the services we offer and problems we can help with.  If you have a query that isn’t included in the list please contact us directly we may still be able to help.


General Support & Troubleshooting – if you’re having issues with poor performance or problems which are hindering your use of the computer, we are on hand to help;

Virus Removal – if a virus has managed to get on your computer, we can work to remove it and put in place anti-virus software to help prevent further infections;

Maintenance – we can assist with anything from replacing parts to general cleaning of dust to help prevent overheating and reduce the risk of hardware failure;

Domain Name Registration – did you know you don’t have to use the email name provided by your ISP? It’s possible to have you own ‘domain’ for your email, and website too. So instead of ‘’ or ‘, you could have ‘’ or any number of other options. If you want to know more, please contact us for more information on what’s possible;

Website & eMail Hosting – we provide hosting services for websites and emails, helping to keep your online presence consistent;

Broadband Set-Up – if you’ve just ordered broadband and need help dealing with the provider, we can be there to help you through the process;

Home Network Configuration – these days it’s not uncommon to need to use more than one computer or device at home. We can help set up wired and wireless networks so that your computers and devices can have access to each other and the internet.